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Reverie – The World’s First HDSLR Video


This is the world’s first HDSLR video shot on a Canon 5D MKII. It is definitely a game-changer and practically revolutionised the video industry. Today, some major Hollywood blockbusters such as Act of Valor, TV shows such as one of the “House” episodes, commercials and almost every wedding are shot on HDSLRs. One DP I talked to about a year ago told me that his last 18 out of 20 projects were shot on the 5D MKII. That is how far-reaching HDSLRs have influenced the media industry.

The new Canon 5D MKIII has just been announced and this is a good opportunity to remember the very first HDSLR video shot with its predecessor by Vincent Laforet. Not to forget, the video features one of my favourite songs by Moby.

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  1. It’s been 622 days since I last used a DV camera hhaaha brilliant.I’m not a DoP and am pretty fresh faced/relatively new to the indie filmmaking scene (graduated from uni 18 months ago) and last month directed my first DSLR film after years of using various types of miniDV and HDV camera. I’d known about their potential for a short while after seeing the Vincent Laforet Nocturne video on youtube but this was the first chance I has to work with DSLR footage.An old friend had got in touch and sent me a link to a series of snowboard videos he had done with a 7D and I was extremely impressed with their quality. This was footage shot by a fellow 22 year old filmmaker yet looked like it had been done by somebody a lot older/more experienced. Obviously the over all craft needed to make such films lies in the filmmaker/operator and the camera is his tool, but he had gotten to grips with this tool and produced some very slick work as a result.He was DoP on the short I directed (and am now editing) and I daresay between us I’m pretty sure we have made some of the mistakes you allude to, but nothing teaches you better than mistakes! Clambering the first steps of becoming an indie filmmaker knowing that this tool is already there for us (and that there is an online community ready to help each other!) fills me with excitement and makes me wonder how people managed to create micro-budget films 10 years ago!

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