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Making a Stop Motion Animation in Premiere Pro Tutorial (with Downloadable Actual Images)


This video tutorial shows you how to make a very simple stop motion animation video using Adobe Premiere Pro CC. I believe it should be roughly the same workflow for CS4, CS5 or CS6.

(Try to watch 720p HD so that the Premiere Pro interface is clearer)

The 25 images used in this tutorial can be downloaded here (6MB ZIP file). Right click and choose “Save Link As…”

Please note that the cute soundtrack and sound effects are not available as the paid license is only for myself. Just substitute with any nice music and suitable sound effects you can find on the internet.

The reason why I am providing the images here is because I couldn’t find any on the internet while preparing for a stop motion lesson for my class. So I ended up shooting my own stop motion story with my iPhone, mouse and 3 paper clips on my office table. It is meant to be a really simple demonstration and exercise for beginners such as my students. They will be producing their own stop motion videos as an assignment later.

There was a step where I resized all the frames so that the still images fit the sequence resolution as close as possible. The idea is to resize the original photos which were taken at 8 megapixels to fit the HD video size of 1280 x 720 pixels.

Lastly, please note that I have only used 5 frames per still image for 25fps (i.e. similar to 5fps) as this is a simple demonstration. To improve the smoothness of the stop motion animation, you will need to shoot more frames and edit at a higher frame rate. The industry standard is generally at least 12 fps or even higher.

Here’s the final animation:

Hope you will find this useful.


  1. I thought this was a great tutorial. However, the files are no longer available.

  2. Thanks for alerting me. I have added back the files.

  3. MCrawford

    This has been extremely helpful for me, thank you! It is simple and an easy intro for my students to learn basics of premiere pro. Excellent resource, I appreciate you sharing the assets!!

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