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Two Great Initiatives for Singapore Short Films


Recently, two media initiatives have sprung up to my pleasant surprise. One is, a site that showcases Southeast Asian short films including plenty of local shorts. Viddsee is set up by some very enterprising film lovers and definitely fills a gap in the region. The other is SGFilm Channel, a YouTube channel launched by Singapore Film Commission, Media Development Authority and managed by Objectifs – Centre for Photography and Film.

Local film lovers will love these platforms. A good range of short films from directors like Wee Li Lin, Sun Koh, Roystan Tan, Boo Junfeng and Anthony Chen and many others are now available online with a click away. Most of these short films are not available easily to the public unless you buy the DVDs (which I did) from Objectifs or Asian Film Archives or attend the film festivals.

So kudos to the people who made all these easily accessible. I am sure these initiatives go a long way in helping and inspiring the budding filmmakers.


SGFilm Channel

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