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Warm Bodies (2013)


With scores of teenage and young adult romance movies such as the Twilight Saga and Beautiful Creatures hitting the big screens of late, I initially thought Warm Bodies would be another similar genre film. Lo and behold, Warm Bodies actually boasts a simple but pretty innovating premise that zombies could be cured. I could not recall watching any zombie film that is not about slashing zombies beyond hope like AMC’s The Walking Dead or Tarantino’s Grindhouse. When you see a zombie walking towards you, you shoot at his head. Period.

So it becomes fascinating when we have a thinking walking corpse R (Nicholas Hoult) falling for a human Julie (Teresa Palmer) and eventually getting cured by love. Nicholas Hoult seems to be everywhere these days, being also the star of the very recent big budget fairy tale adaptation, Jack the Giant Slayer. Australian actress Teresa Palmer on the other hand somewhat reminds me a little of Kristen Stewart, perhaps because they both play tough chicks who are attracted to blood sucking creatures. Nicholas Hoult is unlikely to win an Oscar for playing a morbid zombie but his chemistry with Teresa Palmer is certainly believable.

The soundtrack is also a strong suit of Warm Bodies and it is largely diegetic in the form of R playing his collection of vinyl records, ranging from Patience by Guns N’ Roses to Bruce Springsteen’s Hungry Heart. In a way, their lyrics play a part in telling the story since they help to convey R’s feelings to Julie given his limited zombie talk.

The only flaw I feel is why the narrative never seem to account for the presence of the Bonies and how they are different from the typical zombies. Perhaps a little backstory would be nice to explain why they are physically different and highly agressive.

Warm Bodies is a film full of heart and while we already know R will recover somehow from watching the movie trailer, we nevertheless still want to root for him and his fellow zombies towards the end. Highly recommended as a genre-breaking film. Besides, when love conquers all in the end, what is not to like?

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  1. For what the movie’s worth, the movie has cool action, visuals, and a fun feel that hardly ever goes away. Good review Tengo.

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