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Camera Confidential: How to Succeed as a Video Journalist


photo-3-copy-450x600There are three kinds of books for working professionals in this world. The first kind is written by academics with a lot of theories but offering little practical experiences. My own personal experience tells me to take these type of books with a pinch of salt.

The second kind of books are written by authors who write for a particular domain, for eg. The Digital Photography Book series by Scott Kelby. Such books may or may not be written by proficient professionals but their main income is generally derived from selling books rather than practicing the trade. Some of these books are good, others are not.

And then, we have the third category where a rare book is written by a top professional in the trade. They are rare because these top professionals are too busily plying the trade to write a book. BBC video journalist Christian Parkinson’s latest book is one such example in this category. The ebook is only GBP4.99 and one hundred percent of the proceeds go to support Rory Peck Trust which provide practical assistance and support to freelance news-gatherers. It says one thing and that is Christian Parkinson did not do it for money and his intention is clearly to share his domain expertise.

In the book, Parkinson shared many of his own interesting personal stories (worth the read alone) and tips such as air travel with equipment, what to pack, how to deal with situations, manage interviews and filming in the war zones. There are also numerous interviews with other top professionals working in the industry who provided other valuable perspectives. And all these for only GBP4.99. Enough said. Just get it if you are remotely involved in any video work in journalism, documentary or even events or corporate jobs.

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  1. Hi there, I just stumbled across this review and really appreciated it. Thanks for the support and I’m really glad that you liked the book. . .

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