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那時.此刻 The Moment – Fifty Years of Golden Horse (2015)


I caught this at the 3rd Singapore Chinese Film Festival where the director Yang Li-chou was present for a Q&A session after the screening. Commissioned by Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Golden Horse Awards, it is an excellent documentary which chronicles the history of the awards and Taiwanese filmmaking very well.

It was only after watching this film that I have come to realise the name of the most prestigious Chinese filmmaking awards has nothing to do with the golden horse literally. And that was the opening hook of the film — how its name came about. I knew from that moment that this documentary was going to be very informative and entertaining. Narrated by Taiwanese movie star Kwai Lun Mei (桂纶镁), the film transited smoothly from one era to another. The audience also laughed and teared with many commenting that it is a touching film.

During the Q&A session, the director also shared about how the film name — The Moment (那時.此刻) — came about. It became clear to him that it has appropriately conveyed the objective of his documentary. He made the film for movie fans and given that so many eras and films were covered, it had meant different things to audience of difference ages. So at any given point in the documentary, it was a reminiscent and reflective moment for each viewer as the film talks about that moment in history.

Yang also revealed that his crew had shot about a thousand hours of interview footages and many interviews with renowned filmmakers and actors have to be dropped in the final cut. So there are an abundance of materials to create something related. I do hope he would extend the documentary into a series and get to hear what other filmmakers have to say.

This is a documentary film that serves as an excellent tribute to Golden Horse Awards and any serious film buffs would not want to miss.

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