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Project Greenlight Season 4 (2015)


Although touted as a documentary on what’s going on behind making a Hollywood feature film, it really is more of a reality TV series. Executive produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, it was thoroughly engaging and entertaining to watch. Just don’t believe everything that was being shown. The following article by Slash Film explains how certain scenes were manipulated by editing, just as all reality TV shows do to make their shows more entertaining.

The main conflict in the show is set between Jason Mann, the Project Greenlight winner given US$3 million to make his first feature film under HBO Films, and the producer Effie Brown. Their differences were apparent from the beginning and their spats simply got worsen till the final episode. Again, it makes for very good TV as both Jason and Effie are relatable characters that divided the audience into two camps, each rooting for their preferred personality.

Nevertheless, whether completely true or not, Project Greenlight is one of the best TV shows that can give movie buffs and aspiring filmmakers glimpses into the ‘glamorous’ industry which in truth is one of the hardest to work in.

I remembered a filmmaking masterclass I have attended years ago. The speaker started his class by discouraging the audience to stay away from the industry and refrain from ever becoming a director. He declared the director job as the most difficult job in the world. Still, many aspiring filmmakers are mesmerised by great movies and dream of making their own films one day.

Project Greenlight offers us one of the closest and most comprehensive look at what goes on behind the process today. It shows the reality of how difficult the jobs of director and producer really are, but I think that will hardly deter anyone from their determination to enter the industry. That’s the magic of films.

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