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Creating a Simple Motion Graphics with After Effects CC 2018


(This has been superseded by a newer video tutorial made for CC 2019)

This beginner tutorial shows you how to create a simple video credits using basic motion graphics created in Adobe After Effects CC 2018. It should be the same for other versions except for some minor cosmetic changes in the interface.

Post-Tutorial Notes:

    1. Anything that is black colour in your composition will be transparent after importing into Premiere Pro. This is also known as the alpha (transparency) channel. If you only have a white text over black background and import this into Premiere Pro, you can superimpose the white text over your video.
    2. In Premiere Pro, you can edit your After Effects composition by right clicking on the clip in the timeline and select “Edit Original”. Your After Effects project will be loaded and once you have saved the project, the changes will automatically be reflected in Premiere Pro. This integration is a benefit of using apps under Adobe CC suite.
    3. There is a technical glitch with the screen recording app. It fails to recognise the zoom in/out feature which I used twice in this tutorial. The glitch appears as if the same window is “repeatedly stacked”. You can just ignore.

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