Author: Tengo

Loose Change – 16mm Short Film

This was a 16mm short film made in 2003 during a 16mm film production course. Due to inexperience, bad film loading resulted in shaky footages which was only discovered after telecine. The film has now been “remastered” with modern stabilization technique to remove the shakes. The short film casted MediaCorp Artiste Steven Woon and Antonio Teh, a friend of the […]

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Space Sonata

A visual poetry of the cosmic dance from planet Earth to the universe. What is it like beyond planet Earth? Is mankind alone in the infinite universe? Are we only now exploring the universe or could we have come to the planet Earth from elsewhere in the first place? First uploaded to YouTube on 1 April 2007 at This […]

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Rolling On – An iPhone Film

This is an experimental short film to test the video capability of the iPhone 3Gs. iPhone only has a very basic implementation of video. The only option, apart from the Start/Stop recording button, is to touch the targeted area on screen to focus. After shooting, you can trim the scenes in the phone itself. There is very little colour grading […]

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