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Small Pleasures (Μικρές Χαρές) 2008

Nice Greek short film that inspires hope.

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BAD is BAD: Feature Film That Was Shot for 6K

$6000??? A lower end professional camera alone costs that much. Synopsis: A locally loved suburban family man has to pay for the worst thing he’s ever done when two mysterious young criminals break into his home. HD/96 minutes

/Rated R I recommend watching in fullscreen, in HD, and with good headphones or speakers. Bad is Bad is our first feature length […]

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The Hobbit – Behind The Scenes Production Video Blog #5

Peter Jackson is not just an excellent filmmaker. He is also really clever about marketing by creating a lot of hype with his behind the scenes production video blogs. I am highlighting this particular video blog because we get to see the amazing amount of logistics that go behind the movie. Can’t wait for the movie!

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Checkmate (HD) (Winner of Grand Video Award at Creative Video Awards 2012)

Amazingly, Tan Siang Yu won the Creative Video Awards again. A tongue-in-cheek comedy about speed dating. Richard hopes to get the girl of his dreams by creating stories about himself. Little did he know that he would finally meet his match in his dream girl Michelle. Shot in a day at The Soup Spoon with a Canon 5D Mk II, […]

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Playback (HD) (Winner of Grand Video Award at Creative Video Awards 2011)

I really like this short film by Tan Siang Yu and often show it to my students as an example of how a simple story can be made. He is certainly very talented. When elderly Lee finds a toy gun in his store room, he is transported back in time to his childhood days, where he meets his play pal, […]

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Loose Change – 16mm Short Film

This was a 16mm short film made in 2003 during a 16mm film production course. Due to inexperience, bad film loading resulted in shaky footages which was only discovered after telecine. The film has now been “remastered” with modern stabilization technique to remove the shakes. The short film casted MediaCorp Artiste Steven Woon and Antonio Teh, a friend of the […]

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